The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment

Friday 3rd February 2017 – 9:30 am – 18:30 pm – Lecture Theatre 1

Royal College of Art, London, Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2EU

Symposium Schedule

9.30 – 10.00 – Registration 

10.00-10.15 – Welcome and Introduction by Dr Azadeh Fatehrad and Nathaniel Dafydd Beard

10.15- 11.15 – Keynote Speaker – Dr Fataneh Farahani, Stockholm University, Sweden


11.15- 11.45 – Refreshments


11.45 -13.00 – Protection: Between Dress and Shelter

Dr Azadeh Fatehrad, Royal College of Art, UK.

Boudoir: Covered Women in Iranian Society (1979- present).

Victoria Geaney, Royal College of Art, UK

Vital Matter: Growing Living Materials

Lindsay D’Arcy, Royal College of Art, UK

Energy Enhancement Apparel

Lauren Downing Peters, Stockholm University, Sweden

Fashioning the Flesh: Rethinking Plus-size Dress, Discourse and Embodiment


13.00-14.00 Lunch (Not Provided)


14.00-15.30 Psyche: Between Perception and Display

Colleen Schindler-Lynch, Ryerson University, Canada

Metaphorical Armor

Jamie Khoo, University of York, UK

Are We What We Wear or ‘What’s Underneath?’: How Clothing Conceals or Reveals an Authentic Self

Ana Carolina Minozzo, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

The Face of Anxiety: Digital Life, Style, and the Self


15:30-16.00 – Refreshments


16.00-17:30 – Intersection: Between Body and Skin

Sarah Casey, Lancaster University, UK

Hidden Drawers: A Case Study in Drawing Royal Underwear

Dr Natalie McCreesh, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Tattoos and the Female Gaze

Despina Zacharopoulou, Royal College of Art, UK

Wearing my Own Skin: Representations of the Naked Body as ”Garment” and Power Dynamics in Performance Art

Caroline Collinge, Cabinet of Curiosity Studio, UK

Katagami in Practice: Waves


17:30-18:30 – Drinks and Networking



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